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So much to learn!

We have a strong and varied curriculum that is grounded in the basics of literacy and numeracy. We provide a unique daily fitness program, early intervention and support, diverse visual and performing arts programs, whole school French and science programs, as well a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing through our KidsMatter framework.


Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Spelling. Students take part in 2 hours of literacy a day. We implement the Daily 5 program in conjunction with the CAFE Menu, an approach to reading which emphasises the need for comprehension, accuracy, fluency and exapanding vocabulary. In 2012 in conjunction with Barnawartha and Chiltern primary schools, we set about implementing the Words Their Way spelling approach. This systematic approach is based on regular assessment of students and the explicit teaching of speling conventions. In 2015, the school embarked on the next level of its literacy strategy by implementing VCOP Big Write for the teaching of writing. This has been very successful.


Number. Measurement, Chance, Data, Shape, Working Mathematically, Structure. Students take part in 1 hour of maths every day. We implement the Daily 3 program (Math with self, Maths with a partner and Maths with the Teacher) everyday and make use of Number Fluency Tasks to help students build the necessary basic skills of counting, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We aim to make maths hands-on, engaging, and ensure that it meets the individual needs of all students. We do this through differentiation. We don't believe in giving everyone the same textbook or same task, because we know that students learn differently and are at different points in their level of understanding.


We have a long traditiona of teaching French across the school. Beginning in Foundation, all students are introduced to the French language and culture. We are fortunate to have a number of staff at the school who speak French.

social & emotional learning

In 2013 the school employed a Wellbeing Co-ordinator and also began the journey of becoming a KidsMatter school. Kidsmatter is a framework for schools looking to cater for the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of students, staff and families. This includes a focus on engaging with parents and carers, making everyone feel like they belong, and explicitly teaching the skills of social and emotional learning. The school primarily uses the program 'Bounce Back' to explicitly teach social and emotional skills.

Information & communication technology

Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboad and either a bank desktop computers or laptops. The school operates both Mac and Windows laptops and also has a bank of 25 iPads for student use. Every kid does not have a computer as we aim to strike a balance between making sure our kids are 'tech savvy' but are also learning the basic skills of reading, writing and maths.